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Updates and SMS and Phone Calls, oh my!


Now that I’ve figured out a couple of things in regards to how the TwilioApi and the underlying RestSharp work, things are moving along at a blistering pace.

While I still haven’t tackled the layout for my countdown Pivot item, although I think I know how I want it to look, The update screen and functionality are now shaping up.  Most impressive to me (and most important for the contest), is that I now have the application actually using the API.

When the user adds a new update to the system (see the screenshot to the left) and checks the Send To Contact checkbox, the system will go through the list of Contacts and depending on how the contact is set up to be notified, it will either send them the message as a SMS message or if they are a Phone contact, the system phones them and uses Twilio’s Text to speech engine to read the message to them (although I really have to change the voice from male to female, something about a dude talking about pregnancy is somewhat off-putting :)


PhoneTreeSS3The next bits that I have to work on are storing the data to the device.  So far I’ve been able to get away with just loading all the contact information in the constructor of my view model, but really I should be storing it to disk so any changes stay the same between app launches.  Also it’d be nice to have the updates stay persistent as well.

All in all I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to submit the application or at least a screencast of it by Sunday at midnight PST (gotta love being on the east cost, as it feels like I get an extra couple of hours :) )

BTW if you ever get a NullReferenceException from the TwilioApi, it means you’ve done something wrong, not specifically something wrong with Null References, it could be that you didn’t encode your query string, or it could be that you are using a number that hasn’t been verified, just that you’ve done something wrong.  Once I get some free time (hasn’t happened in a decade), I’m going to look at putting in some better error handling within the Api.  Gotta love GitHub.